FULL NAME : Muzharul Islam
DATE OF BIRTH : 25 December,1923
DIED : 15 July, 2012
FATHER'S NAME : Late Professor Omdatul Islam
MOTHER'S NAME : Late Mrs.Zakia Khatoon
:Flat# 102,
Concord Regal Ridge,
Rd# 84, H# 16A, Gulshan-2,
TELEPHONE : Home +880 2 9862211


1942 : Bachelor of Science, Calcutta, University, Calcutta.
1946 : Bachelor of Engineering, Calcutta University, Calcutta.
1952 : Bachelor of Architecture, Oregon University, USA .
1957 : Post Graduate3 Certificate in Tropical Architecture, A.A. School of Architecture London, UK.

1950-52 : Scholarship under Post-War Development
1956- 57 : British Council Scholarship for studying Tropical Architecture at the A.A. School of Architecture, London.
1961 : Rockefeller Fellowship for studying the state of Contemporary Architecture in Europe.


1958-64 : Senior Architect of the former Government of East Pakistan.
1953-54 : Visiting Professor, Ahsanullah College of Engineering and
Technology (at present it is Bangladesh University of Science and Technology), Dhaka.
1962-64 : Member, Academic Council, University of Engineering and
Technology, Dhaka.

1953-55 : The College of Arts and Crafts, Dhaka (at present it is the ‘Institute of Fine Arts’ of the University of Dhaka), Bangladesh
1953-54 : Public Library (at present Dhaka University Library), Dhaka,
1963-64 : Plan for Khilgaon Railway Rehabilitation Zone, Dhaka,

1963-64 : Plan for new Rangamati Town, Chittagong Hill Tracts,
1962 : Housing of Fourth Class Employees, Azimpur Estate, Dhaka,
1964 : Architect's Residence, Dhaka.
1963-65 : BCSIR Laboratory Buildings , Dhaka .
1969: National Institute of Public Administration Building, Dhaka
1965-71 : 14 storied Head Quarters Building, Agricultural Development
Corporation, Motijheel, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
1965-71 : 27 storied EFU Building (Jiban Bima Bhaban) Project,
Motijheel, Dhaka , Bangladesh .
1966-78 : Five polytechnics at Rangpur, Bogra, Pabna, Sylhet and
Barishal (in collaboration with Arch. Stanley Tigerman).
1965-71 : Road Research Laboratories, Dhaka .
1968-71 : Chittagong University Master Plan and designs of Students'
Hostel, Humanities Building , Science Building, Administrative
Building , Readers' Quarters, VC's Quarters, Professors' Quarters.
1967-70 : Jahangirnagar University Master Plan and designs of
students' Hostel, Readers Quarters, Fourth Class Employees.
1968-71 : Housing for Rooppur Atomic Energy Complex.
1978 : Joypurhat Limestone and cement Project
Master Plan Housing for 200 officers Housing for 1700
employees Clinic and Hospital Bazaar and Mosque
1978-79 : National Library, Sher-e Bangla Nagar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
1980-84 : National Archives, Sher-e Bangla Nagar, Dhaka,
1987 : Office Building for the World Bank, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
1995 : 20 storied “Garden City” Project, Dhaka.

 1953-60 : Active role for setting up a college of Architecture.
1962 up to date: Jury Member, for many final year projects, present
 From 1980: Joined Seminars organized by the Aga Khan Awards: Jakarta,
   Jordan, Cairo, Morocco and Dhaka.
 From 1983 : One of the main organizer for setting up to date “CHETANA”   
   –an architectural study group.
 1996 : As President of “CHETANA” organized documentation of the
   remains of the ancient buildings in Bangladesh, with the help of the other
   members of the Executive Committee.
 1998 : Publication of the book “Pundranagar to Sher-e-Bangla Nagar” by
 1998 : Exhibition of drawings and photographs of the buildings surveyed   
   by CHETANA.
 1998 : Exhibition of Islam's Work in New York (Architectural League of
   New York), Philadelphia and Chicago.
 1972 up to date: Working actively for the laws and control of  
    Architecture as a profession in Bangladesh.
 1972 up to date: Working as activist for laws for the total physical
   Planning of the country.

1970 : Chairman, Advisory Panel on Building Construction. Housing
   Architecture and Physical Planning Fourth Five Year Plan, Pakistan.
 1968-69: President, Institute of Architects Pakistan.
 1972 - up to date: Member, Institute of Architects, Bangladesh.
 1970: Member, Jury Board for the Selection of the Best Design of the  
   Grand Mosque, Islamabad, Pakistan.
 1972-75: President, Institute of Architects Bangladesh.
 1976-80: President, Institute of Architects Bangladesh.
 1980: Member, Master Jury, First Aga Khan Award, Geneva.
 1980 : Member, Jury Board for the Selection of the Best Design of
   the Monument at Savar.
 1981 : Member, Jury Board for the selection of the best design for
   the H.Q. Building of the lslamic Development Bank, Jeddah.
 1981 : Member. International Jury Board for the selection of the
   best design for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
 1989: Citation by the indian institute of Architects ,west Bengal Chapter, 
   as the outstanding Architect from the south Asian countries for his
   devoted architectural works and dedication to generate Architectural
 1993: Awarded Gold Medal to a member Architect for the first time by the
   Institute of Architects, Bangladesh
 1997 : Member, Jury Board for the selection of the best design for
   Victory Monument at Suhrawardi Uddyan, Dhaka.
 1999 : Member, Board of Governors, National Museum, Dhaka.
 1999 – Received JK cement architect’s award.
            -Awarded the Honorable Fellowship, American Institute of
              Architects at the National convention of the Institute at Dallas,
              Texas, USA .
            - Awarded the independence Day Award, Bangladesh.
- Awarded the Grand Master Award at the South Asian 
   Architecture Award Ceremony at Jaipur, India.
 2003 : His 80th birthday ceremony was publicly celebrated at the
   premises of his first project 'Fine Arts Institute Dhaka', organized
   by the Institute of Architects, Bangladesh.
 2005 : A documentary film 'The Architect' on Architect Muzharul
   Islam's life and works was released on the occasion of his 82nd birthday. The film was directed by Architect Enamul Karim Nirjhar.

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 -- Architect Muzharul Islam and Chicago Architect Stanly Tigerman did the
   elaborate study on typology and tectonics, ecology, climate and
   materials. Their study resulted in a major report, which was featured in
   the September 1968 issue of “Architectural Record".
 -- An article on works and phylosophies of Muzharul Islam published in the online global architects forum (CLICK HERE to visit) on 01 February 2007.
-- An article on Muzharul Islam was published in renowned magazine Docomomo in their Journal-37 (September 2009) entitled “The Voice of the Modern Bengali: Architect Muzharul Islam”. It was written by Nasheet Rumy and Mohammed Andalib Saadullah.




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